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Crane Maintenacne & Repair

It’s widely understood that crane repairs are costly. But, much more costly are cranes in need of repair while on the job site. At Equipment Maintenance Technicians, we offer maintenance and repair services on cranes while at the yard or on the job site.

We’re conveniently located in Aurora and Castle Rock and our field service include the entire Denver metro area, the front range and Fort Collins down to Colorado Springs.

Crane Maintenance

The purpose of this service is to provide proactive maintenance that will keep your crane in full operation. This service includes:

  • Multi-point inspections to identify wear and tear and weak points
  • Lubricate every major component
  • Crane adjustments

We understand how important it is to keep equipment running and on the job. Every hour your equipment isn’t fully functional, time and money is being lost. Being proactive is always more cost effective than being reactive. Our crane maintenance service will help spot potential issues early so they can be addressed before they become a problem.

Crane Repair

No matter how proactive you are, issues will still occur. And, of course, things break at the absolute worst times possible.

If you find yourself in a bind, we’re here to assist. Not only are we skilled crane mechanics, but we’re local, fast and will come to the job site to make necessary repairs.

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