Trailer Repair in Denver, CO


EMT is fully insured and provides mobile maintenance for all your maintenance repair needs anywhere in the state of Colorado.

Routine trailer maintenance guarantees the lifespan of your equipment.

Following scheduled maintenance allows towing to your destination without any inconvenience. If it’s trailer repairs that you need, Equipment Maintenance Technicians has you covered.

Like any vehicle, your trailer has specific maintenance requirements. Subjecting your equipment to our top-notch trailer maintenance in Denver, CO, every six months prevents accidents or halted business operations.

If your equipment is due for maintenance, EMT is here for you. Our factory-trained mechanics provide reliable trailer repairs in Denver, CO. Our trucks are fully equipped with most parts and components to get your equipment back on the road.

Signs Your Trailer Needs Repairs

Having been in the industry since 2003, our experienced technicians have the required tools, skills, and experience to deliver our services efficiently. As one of the most trusted equipment maintenance and repair companies, we know the signs your trailer needs a quick trip to our facility.

When you see any of these signs, call us for trailer repairs in Denver, CO:

1. Maneuvering Troubles

Keep yourself and other motorists safe by being a responsible vehicle owner. If you’re experiencing troubles in turning your trailer, whether it’s a dry van or a reefer, the problem may be any of the following:

  • damage to the axle
  • broken connecting switch
  • engine problems

Remember, if you have to put in more effort in turning your trailer, address the problem right away. With EMT’s trailer maintenance in Denver, CO, we guarantee that you’ll never have to worry about any of this.

2. Noisy Brakes

If you hear squealing sounds as you step on your trailer’s brakes, it’s time to bring it to us for trailer repair in Denver, CO. Whether the trailer is used only a few times or not, noisy brakes indicate something serious.

Take action right away and avoid the risk of brake failure and the dangers that come with it. Keep your personnel, freight, and other drivers safe on the road. Bringing your equipment for repair and maintenance services can help avoid roadside accidents and costly expenses.

3. Cracks and Dents

Visual problems, like cracks and dents on your trailer, indicate that problems are brewing in your vehicle. Minor cracks may not seem serious, but they could mean that the structure of the vehicle is compromised and needs trailer services from professionals.

Minor dents, dings, or cracks on your vehicle can become serious if not fixed right away. Consequently, they can cause severe harm to your personnel and the vehicle if not dealt with immediately. It is best to call for our trailer repair in Denver, CO.

Heavy loader engine and hydraulic.

4. Bumpy Rides

Bumpy rides happen due to debris or rough road conditions. If they happen more frequently, even if there’s not much disturbance on the road, there could be a problem with your trailer’s suspension system.

Pay attention if the bumps are even. If it’s unusual and more of a shake, your suspension system needs trailer maintenance in Denver, CO. If the bumps are relatively sharp, there may be debris lodged somewhere, or there’s damage that needs fixing.

Truck mechanic works with brakes in truck workshop.

Choose EMT For Quality Trailer Repairs in Denver, CO

Equipment Maintenance Technicians knows how crucial trailer maintenance is. We remain committed to providing top-notch trailer maintenance in Denver, Colorado. Our factory-trained technicians undergo ongoing training to give our clients the best service.

When it comes to your trailers, our team at Equipment Maintenance Technicians is the one to trust. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with our clients. At our repair shop, we provide initial free inspections to show you how we work.

Our Trailer Maintenance and Repair Services

When you have EMT with you, everything’s taken care of. We are equipped and ready to handle any of your trailer needs. We guarantee quality work and components, so you have the assurance that you’ll get your repaired truck running optimally. Our maintenance and repair services include:

  • Periodic Equipment Maintenance
  • Alignment and Suspension Repairs
  • Electrical Light Diagnostics
  • Brake Component Replacement and
  • Adjustment
  • Trailer Wall Repairs
  • Hydraulic Repairs

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