The Eight Types Of Construction Equipment


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The Eight Types Of Construction Equipment

Just like the arsenal of tools found in a toolbox, each piece of construction equipment has a unique strength and purpose. When it comes to heavy machinery there are several different types and categories to choose from depending on the scope of your project. Planning your next big construction job with the right equipment is crucial to your timeline and overall success. With that in mind, please be sure to always get the right type of equipment to fit your needs. To help you along the way, below are eight of the most common construction equipment categories and their most popular machinery.

1. Heavy Earthmoving
When your job requires some serious earthmoving power you want to look for equipment like the crawler excavator, large wheel loader, hydraulic excavators, vacuum excavators, and crawler dozers.

2. Light Earthmoving
Smaller earthmoving jobs like landscaping will require the use of equipment like mini excavators, compact track loaders, compact wheel loaders, and skid steer loaders.

3. Truck & Hauling
From the large rough terrain trucks like an articulator, end dump or center dump haul units to the compact needs of a dump truck, there is a vehicle available to meet the requirements of your project based upon the material being moved and the time of year the construction will take place.

4. Paving & Compacting
Creating the roads and highways we drive on requires the use of special equipment to generate the smooth surfaces we travel on. This type of construction work may require motor graders, single engined or dueled engine scrapers, elevators, and pull scrapers. Once the ground is ready, then it is time to use your compact rollers and pavers to make the road suitable for driving.

5. Lifting & Material Handling
Getting equipment to the job site can be made easy with the assistance of cranes that are truck mounted or stand alone crawlers. Cranes also come in wheeled and mini forms.

6. Drilling & Trenching
Digging and making trenches for water, electrical, or gas lines can be completed in no time at all when you use riding trenchers, utility drills, or blast hole drills.

7. Light Equipment
This category consists of generators, compressors, and electronic tools required for construction jobs.

8. Ancillary
Radar imagers, vehicle tracking systems, filters, tires, and maintenance materials make up this category of construction equipment.

No matter the type of equipment you use within these categories, we have a service and maintenance program to fit your needs. We will keep your equipment running longer saving you time and money. Let us prove it to you. Click the link below to schedule your free inspection today:

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