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EMT is fully insured and provides mobile maintenance for all your maintenance repair needs anywhere in the state of Colorado.

Keep your generator running optimally during power outages with top-notch generator repairs.

Generator installation is essential to ensure a steady flow of electrical power on your property. However, just like other things, generators also malfunction and get damaged at times. It’s best to seek help from experts for reliable servicing.

At Equipment Maintenance Technicians, our skilled and trained mechanics provide generator repairs in Colorado Springs, CO. We know the hassle and inconvenience of having a malfunctioning generator during blackouts, so we provide accurate and precise services.

As one of the trusted providers of repairs and maintenance for generators in Colorado Springs, CO, we ensure quality services by having our mechanics undergo continuous training.

Signs That Your Generator Needs Repair

Neglected maintenance is one of the causes of generator damage and breakdown. Many people make the mistake of not inspecting their generators until blackouts occur. To avoid extensive damage and costly repairs, being on the lookout for indications that your backup generator needs servicing is essential. Here are some warning signs:

1. Strange Smell

Foul odors coming from your generator often indicate that something’s wrong. It can be due to external or internal leaks. Aside from the weird smell, you can also look for droplets or puddles of coolant, fuel, or oil.

Leaks can cause unwanted fires, explosions, and exposure to hazardous substances, so calling in experts for generator repair in Colorado Springs, CO, is crucial once they occur.  

2. Visibly Damaged Parts

Since generators are put into storage for long periods, they become susceptible to damage. Over time, their electrical systems sustain wear and tear, especially without proper maintenance. Some of the most common visibly damaged parts to look for include:

  • Cracks and Dents
  • Frayed Wiring
  • Loose Connectors
  • Work Control Knobs

If you notice visible damage, don’t delay calling for generator repairs in Colorado Springs, CO.

3. Battery Problems

Generator batteries have a life expectancy of two years. Without regular operation and proper maintenance, batteries become inefficient during their lifespan. They cause voltage problems to arise, leading to electric appliance damage.

Aside from providing insufficient voltage, batteries also become susceptible to corrosion when not regularly cleaned.

Diesel-powered electric generator.

4. Start-Up Delays

If your generator refuses to start after trying three to four times, call generator repairs in Colorado Springs, CO, right away. Start-up delays can indicate internal problems, such as clogs and defective spark plugs, that need immediate and appropriate action.

5. Operational Issues

A portable or standby generator that provides inconsistent power flow needs servicing. Aside from the damage that it can inflict on your electrical appliances, insufficient power flow can also be a sign of internal damage.

If you have a generator that automatically turns on and off, or you experience flickering lights or television screens during outages, call for generator repairs in Colorado Springs, CO, as soon as possible.

Diesel-powered for general construction works.

Why Choose Equipment Maintenance Technicians

Equipment Maintenance Technicians has been providing repairs and maintenance for generators in Colorado Springs, CO, since 2003. With ongoing, relevant training, our generator mechanics have the required knowledge and experience to perform top-notch services.

We utilize the newest equipment and tools to uphold the quality of our work. As a trusted household name, we offer servicing for generators in Colorado Springs, CO, at competitive pricing. We offer inspections and quotations for no additional charges.

Our Generator Repair in Colorado Springs, CO

Our skilled and trained mechanics provide an array of repairs and maintenance services for generators in Colorado Springs, CO, including:

  • General Inspection
  • Cooling System Repair and Maintenance
  • Fuel System Repair and Maintenance
  • Intake and Exhaust Inspection
  • Cleaning and Lubrication
  • Battery Repairs
  • Engine Exercise

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