Attention Farmers, We Can Repair Your Farm Equipment!


EMT is fully insured and provides mobile maintenance for all your maintenance repair needs anywhere in the state of Colorado.

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Attention Farmers, We Can Repair Your Farm Equipment!

The life of a farmer is unpredictable, chaotic, and continually busy. Individuals or families in this profession are constantly problem solving and overcoming obstacles from weather to equipment failure. They repair broken fences, cages, and enclosures. Many can troubleshoot and fix mechanical failures on heavy equipment. In a span of a day, they can go from replacing a radiator on a pick up to rebuilding a fence damaged by a passing storm.

Each day brings it’s own set of challenges depending on the wide variety of crops they offer or the animals they tend to. Animals get sick and need to be nursed back to health. Devastating storms can come through and wipe out crops in minutes that took months to grow. Predators relentlessly try to get a hold of the livestock which forces farmers to be diligent in inspecting and maintaining their enclosures.

In addition to all of these skills, they courageously carry the responsibility of putting food on our tables with the crops that they produce. Although difficult and challenging, farmers rise early and go to bed late often with a list of things that have to be accomplished within the next 24 hours. A plan as simple as spreading manure on a field can become a multiple day event when the tractor used to pull the spreader malfunctions. Traveling 50 miles to the nearest town for service is out of the question when the field needs to be planted today to produce enough crop for the fall. Yet, day in and day out they rise up to the challenge and work hard to get things done.

For those farmers who rise up early and stay up late, for those farmers who embrace the challenges and overcome the obstacles, for those farmers who have mastered skills outside of their area of expertise…we thank you. The job you do may not come with fanfare and spotlights. The debts of your effort may never be known by the general public but your continual commitment to fight through the unpredictable nature for the industry you chose is admirable and exemplary.

We recognize your effort. We know your challenges. We are here to help.

When you need a hand with your farming equipment, let us lift the burden and help get that machine running again. When the list of things to do gets overwhelming, let us take on the mechanical items of your list.

We are the experts with equipment. You are the experts in farming. We will help you do more of what you do best. You deserve a break. We fix the equipment. You do the farming!

Schedule your free equipment inspection today. We’ll drive to you.

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