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Equipment Maintenance Technicians in Denver Metro Area

Located in Aurora, Colorado, Equipment Maintenance Technicians (EMT) has been in business for over a decade serving the Denver metro area (including Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and the mountains) with top of the line mechanic and repair services. We fix just about everything, from large construction equipment, warehouse vehicles, diesel trucks, work trucks and more. All of our technicians are certified and go through an extensive training process.

Services We Provide

Planned Equipment Maintenance

Being proactive allows you to reduce equipment downtime. And our Planned Equipment Maintenance Service exists to help your equipment remain safe, and in good working order. Learn more about our Planned Equipment Maintenance services.

Mobile/Field Maintenance Service

While we have a physical location at 13780 East Smith Drive in Aurora where we welcome your equipment for repair, we understand that in a lot of cases there’s a need for your equipment to be repaired at a job site or its current location. We have field technicians that will travel to your location to repair your equipment. Learn more about our Field & Mobile Mechanic services.

Fleet Maintenance and Repair

If you manage a fleet of vehicles, then you know the headache involved with keeping your vehicles safe and in optimal order. We can ease your headache with our 250 hour, 500 hour and annual inspections. Learn more about our Fleet Maintenance and Repair services.

Emergency Repair

Things happen, and sadly schedules don’t automatically adjust to with equipment failures. If you’re in a bind, give us a call so we can help out. reach out to us on our Emergency Repair service page.

Free Equipment Inspection ($250 value)

Give us a test run by signing up for a free equipment inspection. This obligations attached. Get your Free Equipment Inspection.